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Varieties and tips

To keep your mushrooms fresh please keep them refrigerated in their original packaging or a paper bag.  If you notice them getting too wet, open the bag or add a paper towel or napkin to the package. Our mushrooms are grown on a sterilized sawdust substrate so there is no need to wash them. Rinsing them will change the texture and affect the shelf life. If you feel the need to wash them wait until you are ready to cook them. Trim off any sawdust substrate left on the stems and they are ready for cooking. We recommend cooking all mushrooms. Cooking breaks down the chitin cell walls making them easier on the digestive track and allowing for better nutrient absorption. It will also enhance the flavor of most varieties. A great way to experience the flavor of the different varieties is to dry sauté them. Simply chop them up and sauté them in a dry skillet until they release most of their water, then add the fat of your choice and a little salt.


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We grow several different varieties of Hericiums depending on the season. The most commonly known variety being Lion's Mane. Hericiums are large white mushrooms, they have no caps but grow in a ball or cauliflower type cluster. They are often used as a meat replacement due to their similar texture and high protein content. Many describe their mild flavor as similar to crab or lobster. They have powerful medicinal properties and are currently being extensively studied due to their neurohealth benefits.



Also commonly called Black Poplar, Agrocybe Aegerita or Piopinno has a mild earthy flavor and a firm texture. It has a lower water content than many mushrooms giving it a longer shelf life and helping it to hold up it's mushroom shape when cooked. This mushroom goes well in rice and risotto dishes and can develop a slightly crunchy texture when stir fried.



Ganoderma lucidum has been used medicinally for centuries. Probably the most heavily researched medicinal mushroom, there is strong evidence showing that Reishi can improve immune function, help fight depression, and may have anticancer properties among many other benefits. Because of its woody texture and bitter flavor, Reishi is considered a medicinal rather than culinary mushroom. This mushroom is usually dried, powdered, and made into tea or capsules.



Lentinula edodes is highly regarded for its medicinal properties and delicious flavor. These mushrooms are great baked, grilled or sauteed. The stems are also flavorful but with a much firmer texture than the caps making them great to use in soups or stocks.

Freckled Chestnut

freckled chestnut.jpg

Pholiota Adiposa has a rich nutty flavor and a firm, slightly crunchy texture.  Although the name Chestnut is sometimes applied to brown button mushrooms or creminis, the Freckled Chestnut is an entirely different species. These attractive mushrooms  retain their unique texture when cooked and hold their shape really well making them a favorite among chefs.



Commonly used in Japanese cuisine, Enoki mushrooms have small caps and long almost noodle like stems. They have a mild flavor and go well in stir fries and soup dishes.

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Oyster Varieties

Golden Oyster

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Golden Oysters are one of the most visually exciting mushrooms. They have an almost fruity smell when fresh. When sauteed to crispy the flavor can resemble cashews. Golden oysters are one of our more fragile vareties and should be used within a few days.



Shimofuri Hirotake also known as Black Pearl Oyster is a Pleurotus hybrid combining European and Japanese oyster varieties.  This variety is much thicker and meatier than most oyster varieties. Like the King Trumpet, both cap and stem have a similar texture and flavor. This mushroom has an earthy umami flavor with a subtle peppery aftertaste. They are hearty enough to be used as a meat or poultry alternative and also go great in soups, stews, stir fry's and pasta dishes.

Blue Oyster


The Blue Oyster or Pleurotus ostreatus var. columbinus, starts out with dark blue caps that fade to a lighter bluish grey as they mature. We grow several strains of blues with colors ranging from vibrant blue to almost brown. These are extremely versatile mushrooms with a slightly sweet, woodsy flavor. The stems can be chewy so you may want to trim them off before cooking.

King Trumpet

original_0c6acb56-dc54-4d7f-9df7-5c902b138ef2_PXL_20210331_021112269.PORTRAIT_2 (2).jpg

King Trumpet, also known as Pleurotus eryngii or Trumpet Royale is the largest of the oyster mushrooms. These mushrooms have a firm meaty texture and an amazing shelf life. When cooked they have a savory umami flavor. Unlike many mushrooms, the stem has the same flavor and texture as the caps. Best cooked, they can be grilled, sautéed, roasted, baked or fried. Try slicing the stem into rounds and preparing like seared scallops. King Trumpet mushrooms are an excellent source of protein, magnesium, and vitamin B6 and contain very low levels of saturated fat and cholesterol.

King Blue


The King Blue is a slightly thicker, meatier oyster variety with larger caps. They have a mild flavor and velvety texture and go well in most dishes. If you prefer a firmer mushroom make sure to cook until most of their water has reduced off before adding them to your dish.

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